How to Make a Man Commit – Tips for Getting Him to Want Only You

Understanding how to make a man commit can give a woman a distinct advantage in her relationship. Most of us have been involved with at least one commitment phobic man in our lives and we know how confusing and disappointing it can be. It truly feels like a personal rejection if you’re with a man who won’t get serious about you. If you love him and you want him to take the relationship to the next level, there are steps you should be taking. Most women don’t fully understand just how much power over the future of the relationship they hold in their own hands.

Knowing how to make a man commit begins with recognizing that pushing him isn’t going to work. The more a woman talks, begs or pleads for a serious commitment, the more her man is going to resist it. It may almost feel like a game but if you’re hoping for a proposal or even an acknowledgment of dating exclusively, you’re naturally going to feel like the loser. If you’ve been bugging your guy to get more serious about you and he’s been refusing to move in that direction, stop talking about it from this moment on. Just drop the subject. Never bring it up again. This is the first step towards getting him to want to commit and may seem like a small step, but it’s crucial.

The next step to get him to commit is a bit more obvious. You’re going to become a little distant and start being a little less available to him. If a man knows that he has your heart all wrapped up for himself, he’s going to stop trying to get you. He knows he can call you late in the evening, at the last minute, and you’ll be available to him. He also knows that he doesn’t have to be on his best behavior because you’re already committed to him. Stop being there for him. Don’t accept every one of his invitations to hang out and make other plans for at least a few evenings out of the week. Show him through your actions that you have other options. If you do this he’ll start to feel as though you’re slipping away, and he’ll suddenly be the one who wants something more serious.

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