Why Won’t He Marry Me? Insight Into Why Some Men Won’t Commit

There are certain things in a woman’s life that she personally looks forward to. Some seem frivolous when we’re younger, but as we mature they take on a deeper meaning. Things like buying your first car or moving into your own apartment are life altering in that they afford you a specific type of independence and pride. One monumental event that many women think about endlessly as they go through life is their wedding day. Along with that are countless thoughts about what wedded bliss will be like and how comforting and fulfilling it will be to build a future together with a wonderfully caring, compassionate and kind man. When we meet that man, the engagement, wedding, and happily-ever-after thoughts consume us. As the relationship grows, we keep thinking about what the proposal will be like and how happy we’ll be as we walk down the aisle. What if you’ve been with your guy a long time and you’re still stuck in the dating cycle? If the question burning a hole in your mind is, “why won’t he marry me,” you need an answer. There are actually different reasons why men are sometimes reluctant to take the plunge into marriage.

Here are several common reasons why some men won’t commit to the woman they’re involved with:

They’re unsure that she’s “the one.”

Relationships aren’t always balanced. As much as you may feel that your boyfriend is your future husband, he may not see you as the woman he wants to marry. Men tend to take longer to fall in love and to become emotionally attached to a woman. He may just need more time to realize that there isn’t another woman in the world who can make him as happy as you do.

Their financial situation isn’t stable.

Most men are very proud creatures. They envision making enough money to not only support their wife but all their future children too. If a man isn’t feeling that he’s in a stable place financially, he won’t want to go ahead with a proposal, let alone a wedding. Even if you’re making a healthy income of your own, don’t expect him to want to commit if he’s not.

They have fears based on their parents’ failed marriage.

Growing up in a home that was ripe with the effects of a difficult divorce can impact a man his entire life. If he watched his parents argue and then struggle when their marriage ended, he may not ever want to travel down that road. You may be able to tell if this is the reason behind his reluctance to commit if he talks a lot about how hard it was to watch his parents separate when he was younger.

They imagine they’ll have to give up their own identity.

Married men sometimes complain to their single friends about their lives and the things they feel they gave up when they took their vows. They may suggest that they aren’t “allowed” to hang out with their friends as much, or they feel their weekends are consumed with projects around the house that their wives have instructed them to do. If your boyfriend is the type of man who is easily swayed by what his friends think, he may see marriage as the beginning to the end of who he is.

Gaining some insight into why your man won’t commit will allow you the knowledge you need before you make any rash decisions. If marriage is important to you, it’s essential that you work with your man to find a resolution that is comfortable for you both. Perhaps he’ll need a longer engagement or maybe a bit more time to realize how perfect you are for him. Just bear in mind that although he may not see marriage quite the same way you do, that isn’t necessarily an indicator of how deeply he loves you.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

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