Getting a Man to Propose When He’s Resistant

You’re running out of ideas, aren’t you? You’ve tried the direct approach, maybe you’ve enlisted the help of a friend, or perhaps you even wrote about a bridal fair on the calendar hoping it would catch your boyfriend’s attention. Up to this point nothing has worked. There’s been no romantic proposal, you’re not sporting a beautiful diamond ring and there isn’t a wedding planner in your immediate future. You’re disappointed and you have every right to be. You love this man and you’ve long envisioned the two of you carving out your own little spot in the niche of happily married couples. Your hope is beginning to dwindle but before you completely give up on the idea of getting engaged, there are a few subtle things you can do to convince your guy to pop that all important question that will set your happily-ever-after future in motion.

Don’t Push Him, Subtly Pull Him Towards a Stronger Commitment

Anytime a woman pushes a man towards a commitment, before he feels he’s ready, he’ll push back harder than she ever imagined. You may have noticed this with your guy already. If you’ve asked him point blank if he ever plans on proposing to you, you may have been greeted with a not-too-kind answer that goes something like, “not if you keep pushing me,” or “I want to be the one to ask so be more patient.” Obviously, patience is a virtue but when you’re a woman who has been waiting for what seems like an eternity already, it’s hard to continue doing that endlessly.

You’ll fare much better if you pull him towards wanting to commit. You can begin to do this by letting go of the notion that you have to ask for what you want from the man you adore. By asking, you’re putting him in the driver’s seat and he’ll take the relationship in whatever direction he chooses.

If you suddenly seem indifferent towards the idea of getting married, your man is going to jump to one conclusion. He’s going to assume that your sudden disinterest in getting engaged has to do with your dwindling interest in him.

Men pay much closer attention to what we talk about than we realize. If you stop talking commitment, he’ll start thinking about it.

Talk About Your Solo Dreams and Hopes for the Future

We all have dreams of our own that our separate from our primary relationships. One effective way to push a man into thinking seriously about a commitment is to share yours with him. You must do this in a way that is subtle, yet strong. In other words, you must appear as though you’re just sharing with your man without the intention of threatening him or pressuring him into proposing.

If you’ve always wanted to visit another country, now is the time to mention it. You can even begin saving for it and you can use that as the catalyst that begins a conversation about it. Tell your boyfriend that you’re going to forgo shopping for a few weeks so you can save money towards your future trip. Don’t make the mistake of allowing him to believe he’s invited on this journey. Use phrases like, “my trip,” and “I can’t wait to go.” If he sees how excited you are about doing something so monumental on your own, that will certainly impact him emotionally.

It may just be enough to convince him that any adventure you are planning on going on solo should be instead a honeymoon.

Although it’s very hard to wait for a proposal from the man you adore, it’s incredibly important that you don’t make that the focus of your relationship. By using subtle approaches to try and get him to propose you’ll be maintaining the strength of your connection, while at the same time, pursuing your ultimate goal which is to be his wife and life partner.

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