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How to Get a Man to Commit to a Woman? Tips to Help Your Relationship

Many women all have one burning question that they wish they could get a straight answer to. They love a man, they feel he’s their future life partner but he’s wary when it comes to the issue of commitment. Ideas for getting a man to commit are readily available but the problem is which approach actually works? If you’ve been devoted to your boyfriend for some time and the ultimate question of whether you’ll marry him has never come up, you really do need to address it. Too many women in your position go years expecting a proposal only to discover that they man they love isn’t the marrying kind. Your future is in your own hands and if you want your boyfriend to eventually be your husband you need to start taking steps to ensure that happens.

Don’t Continually Talk About Commitment with Him

One major mistake that many women make when they are yearning for a more committed relationship is they talk about it with the man of their dreams at every opportunity. Obviously if you love a man you want him to see his future with you. However, if you push a man to commit on an almost daily basis it’s likely going to result in him pulling back out of sheer frustration.

If you’ve been guilty of this type of behavior, it’s important that you make a marked effort to change. The best advice you can follow is to stop talking about commitment altogether for a time. Even though you may struggle with this and you may worry that he’ll assume you’re not interested in getting married, you have to make a strong effort to give up the conversations in which you push him towards committing.

It won’t take your man long to realize that you’ve stopped focusing on commitment and that will help your effort in two ways. First and foremost, it will ensure that he’ll relax. He’s no longer going to feel that he has to be on guard about the commitment and about coming up with reasons for why he’s not ready. Secondly, he’ll begin to wonder if you’ve decided that committing to him isn’t what you want anymore. In a man’s mind that may translate to you wanting to explore other avenues for your future. That alone may be enough to push him into proposing out of fear of losing you.

Stop Trying to Prove that You’re His Perfect Future Wife

As women we often go overboard when it comes to pleasing the man we love. We believe that by doing everything and anything we can for him that he’ll instantly want to spend his life with us. Unfortunately, men don’t really make the same connections that we do. Your man isn’t going to drop to one knee and demand you be his wife if you cook him delicious meals each night, pick up his dry cleaning and do his laundry. In fact, without even realizing it he may become dependent on the tasks you do without becoming emotionally dependent on you.

Men aren’t that interested in women who cater to them. Naturally, like all individuals, men enjoy when the woman they are dating wants to take care of them. There’s a fine line between being kind and doing too much. If you feel that you contribute much more to the relationship than your boyfriend does, that’s an unbalanced dynamic that may hinder your dream of becoming his wife.

Try and control how much you do for him on a daily basis. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this man isn’t making any real effort to ensure you become his life partner. That means that he still views himself as single and that translates into him having to shoulder the burdens that come with that. In other words, if he’s going to continue to see himself as a man who doesn’t want a commitment, then he should be taking care of his own needs including cooking for himself, tidying his place and making his own dinner. Those things aren’t your responsibility as his girlfriend. Save those generous offerings for when you become his wife.

Explore Your Life on Your Own

Too many women make the tragic mistake of putting their life goals on hold while they patiently wait for their boyfriend to commit. If you want to further your education so you can get a better job, do that now. Don’t worry that your man will see your education pursuit as a financial burden. You must be focused on what is best for you, not necessarily what is best for the two of you as a couple.

If you two aren’t living together at this point, don’t push the idea again. Instead, paint your apartment a new color or purchase some new furniture. This will silently suggest to your boyfriend that you’re planning for the future in your own place and that sends him a very clear message that you’re not seeing him as a potential roommate in the near future. Small acts such as though will impact your boyfriend more than you know. They just may jolt him into realizing that unless he takes some steps towards commitment, you may decide that the single life is really what you need.

Can I Get Him to Be More Serious About Me? Tips to Help Make it Happen

Relationships are unique beasts. They generally take on a life of their own and they progress at a pace that hopefully syncs up with what both the woman and the man involved want. Sometimes, the couple is walking down two separate paths and one is headed towards something more serious while the other seems content on just casually dating. More often than not it’s the woman who wants to secure a commitment with her guy. As women we understand that, given the fact that we recognize how rare it is to find a man who fulfills us in every way. Short of giving your guy an ultimatum, is there any other way to get him to be more serious about you? You may think that there’s not, but there are actually a number of very simple, yet incredibly effective, steps you can take to show him why you are the woman he should be devoting his heart and his life to.

Make the Relationship Fun and as Drama Free as Possible

You wouldn’t be at all surprised if I said that women tend to be more dramatic than men when it comes to relationships, would you? We all know it’s true. As women, we often seem to stumble on issues waiting to be addressed. We bring them up with the man we adore and before we know it they’ve taken on a life of their own and an argument ensues. To men there really is no rhyme or reason to this. All they want to do is have a relationship that is emotionally fulfilling, fun and easy. Men don’t want to be in a relationship that is hard work. It doesn’t appeal to them at all.

That’s why it’s essential that you keep the drama, within your relationship, to a minimum. There are a lot of advantages that come with overlooking the small things. I know it can be troubling to be with a man who sometimes glances the way of a passing pretty girl and it can be disheartening if he doesn’t always remember your birthday or other important events. You need to evaluate how important those things are to you versus how fulfilling it is when the relationship is in a good, peaceful and loving place. As hard as it is, overlooking small, inconsequential things, can help draw a man closer to you because he’ll view you as someone who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Don’t Go On and On About the Future

It’s incredibly hard not to focus on where you want the relationship to go when you feel it’s the “ideal” connection for you. As a woman, you likely enjoy planning things and your future definitely falls into that category. If you bring up taking the relationship to the next level before your guy is ready to hear it, an invisible, emotional barrier is going to be thrown up and he’s going to fight you on moving things to a more serious place. A man who isn’t sure he wants to commit can become very protective of his space and time.

If you act as though you don’t care either way whether the relationship ends up in a more committed place, he’ll find you incredibly enchanting and intriguing. Men are accustomed to dealing with women who are chasing after the dream of a wedding and a happily-ever-after committed future. They know that sooner or later, if you two are hitting it off, the inevitable conversation about how many kids they want or what style of home they want to live in is on the not-too-distant horizon. Surprise him by staying mum on anything to do with commitment. If you can do that he’s going to wonder, sooner rather than later, why you aren’t eager to get him to take the relationship to a more serious place.

Do Not Lose Focus on Your Own Goals

One major mistake that women make when they’re trying to build a strong and lasting connection with a man is they start to sacrifice their own life in favor of his. If you start giving up your own interests, your own career goals or your friends for a man he’ll find you that much less interesting. He doesn’t want you to give up your life for him. Firstly, it shows that you don’t value yourself as an important, worthwhile and successful human being. You’re willing to trade-in what you want for a man. Any man who finds that fetching isn’t worth being in a relationship with because he’ll take your behavior as a sign that you want to be controlled.

Also, if you start giving up the things you enjoy so that you have more time with your guy it makes him feel as though he has to fill in all that empty space. In other words, if you repeatedly cancel plans with friends or rearrange your work schedule to accommodate him, he’s going to feel responsible for your time and happiness. That’s a heavy burden for any man in a growing relationship to carry. You don’t want that to happen.

Show your man that you’re not willing to sacrifice the woman you are for him. It’s important that he understands that he has to fit within the life you already have. If he feels, even for a moment, that you are becoming dependent on him for your happiness or that he has to be there to fill in your time, he’ll start to feel pressure or resentment and eventually the relationship will likely fail.

There is a proven way to get even the most resistant man to commit. You can get him to want to marry you and spend the rest of his life devoted only to you.


He’s Not Interested in a Serious Relationship! How to Get Him to Want to Commit

You’ve met a wonderful man and you can’t help it but visions of engagement rings and a beautiful wedding have been dancing in your head. You want a future with this man because your heart is telling you that he’s definitely the one. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? To know that you’ve found the one man you’re destined to live your life with. There’s only one major glitch in your plan for an ideal future. He’s not interested in a serious relationship. You’ve tried in vain to change his mind but you’ve reached your wit’s end. Is it possible to get the man you love to want to be with you? It certainly is. You just have to know how to subtly persuade him to want to commit to you as much as you want to commit to him.

If he’s not interested in a serious relationship and he’s made that clear to you, it’s vitally important that you determine why that is. There is a reason for his refusal to take the relationship to the next level with you. Perhaps he was so deeply invested emotionally in his last relationship that he’s still healing from that. Maybe he was witness to a bitter and long winded divorce in his own home when he was a child and he doesn’t ever want to allow himself to risk being in that position. Think long and hard about each conversation you two have had about commitment and his reflections on that. You can also find clues in other things he says and does. If he comments on how his married friends have lost their freedom that’s an indicator that he likely believes men lose their own sense of identity once they commit.

If you’ve tried talking to him about his reservations to commit, you need to turn to actions to persuade him. Unless you change the dynamic of the relationship you can expect things to stay as is for the foreseeable future. It’s not advisable for you to end the relationship with him completely. If you do that you’ll risk him finding someone else. It’s better to pull back slightly and stop playing the role of committed partner to him if he doesn’t see you as such.

Easy and effective ways to do this are to spend more time with your female friends and less time with him. If you have some vacation time approaching, plan a getaway with friends or family members but not with him. Also, stop consulting him about any major life changes you’re considering including changing jobs or moving. If you show him that you are taking on more of an independently single attitude he’ll realize that there is a chance he may lose you.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

Learn right now what you need to do to make him fall to his knees and beg you to marry him by clicking here.