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He Keeps Putting Off Getting Married! Why This is a Red Flag

You and your guy have been in a relationship for some time now. Things are good, right? You get along, you have many of the same likes and dislikes and you both adore the other. It seems perfect on the surface, but you know that nothing is ideal. In your case, there’s a big red flag waving directly over your boyfriend’s head. The man keeps putting off getting married and you’re now beginning to wonder whether it’s ever really going to happen. You’re right to be concerned. In fact, you should be deeply concerned if he’s constantly changing the subject when you bring up marriage. A man like this may very well be commitment phobic. Unless you take steps now to remedy this, you may be still waiting for that marriage proposal five or ten years from now.

What it Means When a Man Won’t Marry a Woman

Your boyfriend may tell you on a daily basis that he absolutely adores and worships you. You love hearing that. What woman wouldn’t want to hear such loving words coming from the man she loves? The problem is that love and marriage don’t always go hand-in-hand within a man’s mind. He may love you in this moment but he may not see you clearly as wife material. Although he may be holding back on getting married because he’s genuinely concerned about his finances, or he watched his parents battle through a bitter divorce, the reason may be more simple than that.

You can generally tell if a man is commitment phobic because he will hold the view that anything beyond dating isn’t for him. He’ll fight tooth and nail against living together and he won’t want you to refer to him as anything other than your “boyfriend.”

A man who isn’t sure if you’re the right woman for him will handle things a little differently. He may want to take the relationship to the next level by moving in together and even meeting each others’ families. Where he’ll put up a wall will be when the discussion takes a turn towards marriage. He may say he’s all for getting married, but he’s too young or you two haven’t been together long enough. If your guy seems to hold this attitude, he may be ready for marriage, but may not see you as his ideal partner.

Your Options if He Keeps Hesitating About Marriage

Obviously you love your man so the idea of leaving him because he won’t marry you may not be an option. It’s important to try and come to a determination about why he’s holding back on marriage before you invest yourself further in an emotional sense into the relationship.

You don’t want to be the woman who sticks by the man she loves only to be dumped a year or two from now. Many women experience this and then end up heartbroken when their former love gets married to someone else just months after the break up.

You need to make it clear to your man that marriage is an integral part of your future. By expressing that to him in a calm and rational way you’re showing him that you’re serious about your own needs and that you’re not going to compromise on them.

Giving a man a time frame in which you expect a proposal probably will only result in you being hurt. He’ll feel trapped or cornered and will inevitably push back which may result in your relationship fall apart under the pressure.

Just reiterate to him from time-to-time that you love him and that you know that you two will have a wonderfully satisfying future together. Let him see that although you do want the wedding ring, you’re not sacrificing your connection with him for that. If he truly loves you, he’ll want you to be happy and he’ll start to see that you’re willing to compromise and support him in your quest to get your needs satisfied. This will help him see you as an equal and loving partner which is exactly what every individual wants as they set forth on the path towards their own personal happily-ever-after.

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