happycoupleWhen all you really want is for your boyfriend to commit it seems like everyone and anyone has their own jewel of advice to offer you. Some advice leans towards subtly pushing him by dropping not-so-subtle clues like leaving bridal magazines in full view or taking on a date to look at engagement rings. It’s a complicated subject and through my own experiences I’ve come to discover that how you handle the issue of commitment can either make or break the entire future of the relationship. If you are with a man that you love deeply and you see him as a vital part of your future, you’ve got to do the right thing or you’ll risk losing him.

If you want him to commit completely to you, your natural instinct is going to tell you to remind him continuously how wonderful your future together will be. It’s how we react to things and it feels right and important to let him know that we love him so much that we do want a serious commitment. If a man isn’t ready for this, you’ll lose him if you act this way. It’s just not the right approach to take. What’s most likely to happen in a scenario like this is the man will pull back, become distant and the relationship will wither and break apart, along with your heart.

Getting a man to commit is all about creating the right dynamic with him. You have to ensure he knows you love him while at the same time learn how to press the psychological triggers within him that make him fall so hopelessly in love with you that he’s begging you to commit to him.

I’ve learned how to handle the issue of commitment with my man. It made a remarkable difference in how I dealt with his not wanting to commit to me. It helped me because I finally understood that the power to get him to love me the way I wanted – was in my hands, not his.

If you really want to get your man to commit to you, you can find out how – here. It will change your relationship with the man you love forever.

What Won’t Get You a Commitment

Put These on Your Do-Not-Do List

As women we usually rely on our inner instinct to guide us when we want something from our man. We let our emotions step menlove3into the driver’s seat and all too often – that leads to the relationship crashing and burning. When the issue of commitment is controlling your relationship and your boyfriend has dug his heels in and refused to offer you a commitment, there are some things you’ve just got to avoid doing at all costs.

Here’s a list of things to not do when you want a commitment from your man:

Talk about taking things to the next level. If you’ve brought up this subject of conversation once and he’s been resistant, don’t bring it up again. Any time a woman focuses on something that a man doesn’t want, he stops listening or responding to her. Talking about this is not going to solve it.

Leave clues around the house. This seems like a great, subtle way to get your man to want to commit, but it’s not. If you place bridal magazines in full view or a brochure showcasing engagement rings in a spot where you know he’ll find it, he’ll start to resent you. He knows what you’re up to and it’s not working. In fact, it can damage your relationship beyond repair.

Try to make him jealous. This is another approach that at first glance seems genius, but it’s actually far from it. If you’re involved in a long term relationship with your boyfriend and you suddenly start talking about how great another man is, he’s not going to drop to his knee to propose, he’s likely going to get angry with you. Jealousy is not an effective tool for securing a commitment from a man.

If you want him to crave a commitment with you – find out how to get him to propose.

Girl Gets Ring

The Insight You Need to Get Him to Commit

You may be experiencing issues with getting the man you love to commit to you. It’s frustrating, disheartening and emotionally painful to want more from a man who tells you he’s not ready or he just isn’t sure. You’re left wondering what your future holds and you feel as though he’s in control of your romantic destiny. You love him but he’s not giving you what you want.

Many women feel the same way you do about this. They feel torn – should they continue to move forward with a relationship if it’s never going to give them what they want or is leaving him the way to go?

If you love him, leaving him just feels wrong on so many levels. You instead need to gain some insight into what will make him want a commitment as much as you do. That’s where Girl Gets Ring comes into play.

Girl Gets Ring is written by Jonathan Green and T Dub Jackson. The thing that drew me to this ebook was the fact that it was written by men. Who better to tell you about how to get your guy to crave a commitment than another guy? T Dub is also a relationship expert who I’ve long admired.

There’s a very insightful video I encourage you to watch that explains all about how Girl Gets Ring can help you finally get the committed relationship you’ve long dreamed of.

Girl Gets Ring is not about playing games of tricking him into commitment. Let’s face it – if you do that, the foundation of your marriage will be on very shaky ground. You want things to move to the next level, don’t you? Now is the time to make it happen! Take a moment to watch the video and learn how you can transform your relationship into a satisfying, enriching and loving commitment.

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